Philmac Update

An innovative product designed specifically to keep golf courses green across the United States has won Philmac the prestigious Irrigation and Use Award at the 2013 Water Industry Alliance (WIA) Awards.

The Award recognises an innovative and precise approach to irrigation and use that contributes to water efficiency.

Philmac’s win reflects its supply of more than 18,000 unique polyethylene (PE) pipe fittings for US irrigation applications. To date, fittings have been supplied to golf courses in Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina and Indiana.

“The PE fitting is the only one of its kind available to the US market – has helped Philmac grow its export revenue year on year” Philmac General Manager Marketing & Product Development, Jason Mitchell said.

“As an industry standard, golf courses in the US use sprinklers that have ACME threads. We discovered there were no polyethylene fittings with ACME threads so we created a range.”

With close to 16,000 golf courses across the US, Philmac hopes to expand its presence in the market even further in the coming years.

“The success of our work in the US golf course market not only creates a pathway for further opportunities in the US, it opens the door for more opportunities to apply our skills and provide specialised solutions globally,” Mr Mitchell said.

“We are honoured to receive this recognition in front of our industry peers – all of whom are working towards great things to ensure that water, one of our most precious resources, is managed effectively.”