As global demand for efficient and versatile water management products grows, so too does Philmac.

Philmac currently exports to more than 30 countries across a number of markets including;


Professional plumbers have embraced Philmac’s products for their reliability and ease of installation and use. A major benefit is their ability to offer plumbers quick and simple solutions to their on-the-job needs. Philmac products are designed and manufactured to ensure a lifetime of durability and service. 


Philmac have designed a range of water management products for stock and crop farming applications worldwide. Designed and manufactured in Australia, these fittings and valves have been engineered to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The full range includes compression fittings, threaded fittings, valves and irrigation products. 


Reliability and ease of use during installation have ensured Philmac fittings are readily used by municipal water and gas installation specialists. The installation of new and the repair of existing PE pipework can be done quickly and easily using Philmac fittings, even in difficult conditions, including inclement weather and confined spaces. There is also no need for electrical power or special tooling.


Robust, reliable and light-weight, Philmac have developed a range of high performance fittings which are easy to assemble, dismantle and re-use. Widely used above and below ground, Philmac fittings are readily used within the mining industry.


Philmac offers an extensive range of products to suit commercial and industrial applications. An increasing preference for plastic pipe systems in industrial environments has seen Philmac fittings and valves become the product of choice in this sector. The durability, flexibility and non-corrosive qualities make them ideal for installation wherever polyethylene pipe is used to transfer liquid or air. Philmac products are also easily dismantled and reassembled if plants need to be reconfigured or moved. 


Irrigation and turf specialists can access a wide range of quality products from Philmac, designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of the industry. Philmac products are designed and made in Australia to meet the harsh climate conditions and enable irrigators to distribute water where it is required, with no wastage or evaporation and very little maintenance.